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Adopt our B2B & B2C solutions to grow in Africa

8 countries

200+ account managers

8 key business lines

20,000+ senior qualified managers in portfolio

How we work


What we do

We can sell your products and services for you, as if it were you.

Go Between specializes in commercial intermediation, business development, prospect qualification, customer experience optimization and sales force leadership in African markets.

It makes the link between companies and their markets (B2B and B2C) thanks to the experience and network of its teams.

Go Between's solutions integrate end-to-end support of the commercial approach to a particular product, service or range of products and services in its customer portfolio.

"We report to you as you go and are paid only for the achievement of specific or global objectives set upstream".



Strengthen your salesforce

Outsourced Salesforce
Substitute Salesforce
Capacity Building

Activate your customer wherever he is

Street marketing

PoS Animations
Business Activations

Enter your B2B opportunities

Qualification of B2B
Rent of B2B leads 
Tendering Management
Business Development
Sponsorship Solutions

Understand, satisfy and retain your customer

Quality of service and Customer Experience
Studies and surveys
Loyalty programs
Mystery shoppers

Key Industries


Our account managers have the necessary influence in 8 key sectors

Real Estate

Tourism, Wellness and Leisure

Renewable Energy

Agrobusiness & Healthcare

Public service delegation

Technologies and ERP Solutions 

Media and telecoms

Sponsorship and Fundraising

Contact us

Lot 160 Fifatin Akpakpa

803, Av. Mgr Isidore de Souza

06 BP 287 Cotonou (Bénin)

+229 97 44 74 44


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